Amazon prime video app for Laptop/PC on Windows 8/10/8.1/7/XP/Vista & Mac Laptop

Amazon prime video app : are you movie lover..??? i mean you love to watch movies online... then you are in right place up to know we are known about netflix movies but recently amazon started amazon prime services which is best alternative for netflix by you can watch prime movies to know more read this full guide and know about Amazon prime video app install amazon prime video for android/ios to Download amazon prime video for PC/Windows/Laptop.
amazon prime video for iphone
Amazon Prime video is a new streaming app for prime members of amazon.


What is Amazon Prime Video
  • Paid Amazon Prime members
  • Amazon Prime 30-day trial members
  • Amazon Student six-month trial members
  • Members of an Amazon Household with shared Prime benefits
Amazon Prime Video Features
  1. Download for Viewing on the Go
as per recent amazon cracked down you can share your membership to other members and relatives.
amazon prime members use this feature.

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  • go to video settings
  • create amazon video PIN number
  • parent controls
  • alerts
  • view restrictions
X-ray is a new prime video feature according to this feature
     5.Personalized Closed Captioning
to enable this feature simply go to captions
to use this feature
  • go to video settings
  • player preferences
  • turn off auto play
How to Download Amazon Prime Video For Android :
How to Download Amazon Prime Video For PC/Windows/Mac :
  • Windows (7,8,8.1,10,10.1)
  • Mac 10.7 or newer
  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 


Amazon prime members allows this feature to download your favorite tv shows and movies while watching.
and you can put a alert in app about your downloads.
note : only few tv shows and movies allows to download according to their agreement with amazon prime.

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      2.Share Your Prime Membership

for this you have to pay some amount and this done only on netflix and hulu.

      3.Set Parental Controls

you can set this parent control settings as follows


you can see
about actors,
it is a live commentary behind the scenes factoids.

this feature available depending on your platform.

tap on closed captions

you can set or choose languages based on availability

     6.Auto Play

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Amazon prime video is availble for android users
so android users can watch their favorite shows as per subscription

Amazon prime video is also available for pc users, pc users can download this app from below steps

system requirements

According to the apple users amazon prime video app is freely available for ios/iphon/ipad users
simply follow the link to download

so this is all about Amazon prime video app install amazon prime video for android/ios to Download amazon prime video for PC/Windows/Laptop Hope you all like this information meet you soon in next articles

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How to Download Amazon Prime Video For iphone/ios/ipad :
Conclusion :


Eligible criteria as follows

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