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 Hello viewers so long to see you... Because of this pandemic situations we are all suffering for most of the time... Especially for children,students and workers.

We all know what I am talking yes, online chat ,tutorials for good knowledge for students so they can improve their knowledge, and for workers so company management and sales increases,

Apart form that....

Ok ok coming to my topic usually which app or software you are using for screen recording and video editing.... Yes they are 100's of apps what about sites.... That tooo free without charge a single penny you can record and edit... Don't believe in me... Okay read this full article so, that you can believe in me not only on me website too...

Ok. So, website name is "recordcast" sounds great right... Functions also great...

It is very simple and easy website even school children can edit and record their online classes... Wowww how easy it is...

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Ok... Here are the top features from recordcast

1. You can record online classes

2. You can edit and recreate videos using video editor.

3. There is option like what do you want capture screen or webcam.

4. So, single site more benefits.

5. Last but not least this all are for free... You don't need to pay for record and edit.

6. You can watch serials and shows by recording.

As shown in picture you don't need to download because it is not a software or app.

If you are a tutor or YouTuber vlogger then this app help you a lot ..

See you can import project , add text, change background, add special elements, and more over you can use overlay option too...

And export quality was too good.

So, hope you all like this post... Tell me which feature you most from this website...

Catch you soon on comments 

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