whatsapp business app download for desktop/mac/android

Are you a small shop owner ? Are you running a small business and you don't know what is digital transactions. So, here is my latest solution for all your problems. Most of the people heard about whatsapp right ? 

Whatsapp business app

"Yes" WhatsApp only recently whatsapp launched its official business app 

"Whatsapp business app" by you can easily make transactions regarding your business.

For all you have to do read this whole post to know


What is whatsapp business app

First of all "What is WhatsApp business app"

Whatsapp business app is nothing but it's just like a small store on your name on digital world where you can easily send and recieve your money in virtual way

Do your Business in online on whatsapp business app 

Most of the people asking like" whatsapp business pricing" it's depends on your store like what business you do. 

If people asking about how much paid to download this business app. Then I say it's free of cost like you don't need to pay for this app.

Infact you can earn money by this app while handle your business.

whatsapp business download for android

How to download whatsapp business app

whatsapp business app for Android/mobiles/smartphones

Just follow the below link below 

Whatsapp business app download

After installing WhatsApp business app you have to create your whatsapp business account so, for this you need whatsapp business api it's nothing but your business identify. Whatsapp dp 

For this you need to learn below things like

Is it whatsapp business app available for android/iOS

Follow the below link for Whatsapp business apis global market

Click here


Features of WhatsApp business app

Easy account creation

It is easy to create WhatsApp business account.

Easy sharing options

By making whatsapp business groups you can share your product details direct to the customers by whatsapp messages.

Secure transactions

If deal ok you can easily share your whatsapp business transactions.

Free discussions

Once create a business account you can call or video call to the direct seller and you can deal by virtual contact.

Document sharing is also easy like bills, and vochers etc.

Whatsapp business iOS app is available more than 2B people using whatsapp today. By it's easy and secure options most of the small business man joined this campaign to run their online business easy and good benefits.

Follow below for Whatsapp business ipad/iphone

Download Whatsapp business app for iPhone

Whatsapp business app working on PC/Desktop/Laptop

Whatsapp if you heard about web whatsapp then it is easy to download and share whatsapp conversation on whatsapp business PC/Mac 

Follow below link

Download Whatsapp business app for Mac/PC


So, this is all about whatsapp business app details, features, where to download, how to download, frequently asked questions, queries everything if you still have any questions feel free to ask in comments.


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