Google open search without Browser

 Have you ever wondered internet without google ?? Infact world 70% people only know that internet nothing but google actually in india people even don't know other search engines...

Open Google search

They know only one thing "just open chrome and start searching" ok, did you know without browser also we can surf internet google started this service from past android 4.0 but still people using this chrome only. So today I would like to discuss about this app called "Google open search" app from this you don't need to open or browsers chrome in simple words you don't need to openc chrome open and without typing like in open in chromeo Start typing open google And google browsing you simply use this settings search like tap on Google search settings and find voice search for settings,

You usually also do open google chrome and search apps for your needs right...? And google what apps suggest you simply download and install this google's new app,

How to Download "Google Open search App"

Follow the below steps for download and install "Google Open search"

First of all you no need to install or download this app it is a default app for all android related devices like tabs, smartphones, smart watches you can identify this app by its icon

So by using this open google search app also you can search new android search apps, and you can surf internet though this new search android apps also benifits like you usually no need to open any bowser and also you can get large no of options like 


So this is all about "Open Google Search" Hope you like this tutorial about surf internet without browser.

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