How To Earn $200 Per Day In Passive Income By 2022: 6 Ideas

Have you ever wondered ? Without investing a penny make dollars, yes or no if yes then you are right most of the people love to do this zero investment business.

How To Earn $200 Per Day

For every 7/10 succeed in this formula.

So, today I am gonna share you the Top 6 types of business ideas by you can earn easily 100-200$/month. By increasing your ideas you can easily make 100-200$/day too

So, let's explore the ideas, before starting I want to tell you something we are not Newton's where apple automatically fall down on Newton's head for every work we have to do hardwork and more over patience for this type of works and mostly you have some luck to overcome this type business.

Apart from motivation you can do this businesses very easily 

1. Affiliate marketing

2. Blogging

3. Youtube

4. Social media Marketing

5. Sell your products

6. Freelance work

Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is nothing but (brokerage) I am not saying it's a broker work but I can say referring work like someone need some product but they don't know how to buy, where to buy so you can easily refer them to their destiny product.

And by helping them to reach their product affiliate sites gave you some commission to you. It's depends on different different product types.

Top affiliate marketing sites.

a) Amazon affiliate

b) Flipkart Affiliate


One of the best and easy and more over more patience and creative work, before 2008 it's not well known but after 2009 internet boom everybody love to do this job. And more over bloggers (blogging workers) make millions of dollars by doing this blogging work.

For blogging you have this information.

1. Niche

2. Knowledge

3. Passion

4. Domain and hosting

Niche : it is nothing but your category for example coming to my gener or niche is "Technology" there are "N" of niches are available so choose wisely.

Knowledge : It is not a one night stand or one night mayer for everyone, for this type of work you have to have some knowledge on your particular niche or topic so, you write and share your knowledge.

Passion : without passion and dedication & hardwork you can't succeed in any type of work. So, you have to be passionate towards your work then only you can share your passion and love towards your success 

Domain and hosting : For after all niche, knowledge, passion you want a platform to explore so you need a platform to perform right ! So, here is your stage in blogging category we call this as "Website/Blog" for this you need a Domain and hosting.

For a beginners you can try this too web 2.0 sites like blogger, wordpress, wix etc.

Conclusion :

So, this are Top 6 ideas to make 200$ per day hope you all like this content,

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